OSC’s Week Without Walls Program

In the second term of the school year OSC’s secondary school runs its annual off-campus Week Without Walls (WWW) program. Experience Sri Lanka! is a program of experiential education designed to facilitate learning experiences outside of the traditional classrooms in our host nation Sri Lanka.

The WWW program grew out of a desire to better expose OSC students to our host nation Sri Lanka and its varied natural and cultural treasures. There were OSC trips into Sri Lanka and an ambitious outdoor education program at the dawn of the millennium. These coalesced into the WWW program which was launched in January 2008. The learning experiences are organized and planned by teaching or advisory teams with varying degrees of support from tourist providers. The MYP 5 (Grade 10) and DP1 (Grade 11) WWW learning experiences are designed around “choice programs” where students have a role in choosing the program that they will be going on. Several of these trips have been running since we first offered choice trips in 2012-13. Microtrips are designed as IDUs but have explicit aspects Creativity, Activity or Service (CAS) incorporated in them. We typically offer five microtrips that have roughly 10-15 students each.

We continue to build the program looking to tie the WWW experience to MYP Interdisciplinary Units (IDUs)and the Creativity Activity and Service (CAS) program in the Diploma Program.

Experience Sri Lanka! is driven by four distinct goals:

  • Fulfill mission statement of developing the whole person within a safe environment.
  • Expose students to our host country Sri Lanka’s culture and environment.
  • Enable opportunities for service learning and outdoor education.
  • Use Interdisciplinary Units (IDUs) to support and strengthen existing secondary curriculum (including the DP CAS program) for the benefit of student learning.

Updated by Ian Lockwood
WWW Coordinator
11 February 2020