Here is a list of possible problems with the Bookings process:

  • No Email Received
  • Valid Email Address not recognized
  • While making a booking says Still Waiting

No Email Received

This is a very common error.

If you do not receive an email, it will most likely be found in the SPAM or Junk Filters of your email account.

The email will come from Parent Teacher Online <[email protected]>

The subject heading will be Your Parent Teacher Online Login Details

If you still don’t have an email, it might be your company or provider’s filters are preventing receipt of the email. In this case, it is recommended you switch your official school email account to one that is a public email, like gmail, or yahoo, etc.

Valid Email Address not recognized.

If the email address provided is not in the system, the following message will appear.


If you are unable to enter an email address the system recognizes, the email address registered with OSC in Managebac needs to be confirmed. Once done, you will need to contact Primary OfficeSecondary Office, tel: +94 11 2674920-2 or Maria José Mora to change the email address within the PTO system.

While making a booking says Still Waiting or Taking too long to book

If you have selected the teachers and attempted to make automatic bookings, and the system takes longer than one (1) minute to confirm the bookings, reload the page and try again. There has been a problem.

If the problem persists please contact Primary Office,  Secondary Office, tel: +94 11 2674920-2 or Maria José Mora