To be able to login in to the OSC-PTO website to book your appointments, you should have received your Login and PIN or Password in an email when completing the “Obtain a Pin” option.

In that email you will also find a link to bypass the login screen and go directly to your child’s details. Save this email!

A separate login is available to both parents if separate emails have been registered in Managebac. Please use just one login to make bookings for 3-Way Conferences; otherwise you will end up with double bookings. Please coordinate with your co-parent before booking appointments!

Go to the OSC-PTO website. Below is a screenshot of the login window:

Parents Log in

Use the credentials Surname/Login and PIN/Password received in the email when using the “Obtain a Pin” option.

Please refer to the Make Bookings page to start the booking process.

Note: The PIN is a 5 digit number.

If you have problems logging in, please check the Possible Issues page.