Greetings from Preschool



The Preschool team would like to welcome old and new friends and families. Our Preschool team, composed of Laura, Chee Wan, Tharushi, and Inakshi, is looking forward to another exciting year.

Who we are

Ms. Laura is from Alaska.  She earned a Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts in Teaching degrees both from the University of Alaska.

Ms. Chee Wan is from Australia.  She was previously teaching in international schools in Azerbaijan and Germany.

Ms. Tharushi is from Sri Lanka. She has completed a Diploma of Education Support from RMIT in Melbourne.

Ms. Inakshi is a professional singer. She completed her Diploma in Early Childhood and Sub Primary Education at Ladies College Vocational Training Centre.

Play-based learning

We strongly believe in play-based learning in the early years as an approach to teaching and learning. Children’s natural desire to explore the world around them is nurtured in meaningful child-initiated and teacher guided investigations. In the early years children explore through inquiry, which comes in the form of play experiences.

We are looking forward to supporting your child’s desire for learning. We will do this by sharing classrooms and  collaborating on a regular bases. This will offer children the opportunity to explore freely.

Learning Journey

Preschool will be inquiring into four units of inquiry throughout the school year. ‘How we express ourselves’ will be our year-long unit. The remaining units will last between 6-8 weeks each.

(1) How we express ourselves

(2) Who we are

(3) Sharing the planet

(4) How the world works


Contact information

[email protected]

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Your Preschool team!