Tharushi Nanayakkara, Danielle Van Zijl and Nushy Cader, the  Grade 5 teaching team.


Profile of Danielle Van Zijl

Hi, my name is Danielle van Zijl and I am very excited to be joining you in Grade 5! I am a new teacher to OSC this year but I have been living in Sri Lanka for a year already. I am looking forward to finding out all about you and building new relationships together. I am also excited about all the inquiry and new learning ahead of us and I hope we can inspire each other to be our best selves. I look forward to watching you progress throughout the year and hope that it will be an enjoyable, fun and memorable one for us all.

Profile of Tharushi Nanayakkara

Hi, I am Tharushi, Welcome to fifth grade! I am looking forward to an exciting year of inquiring into new ideas, and building on our literacy and mathematics skills. I am also looking forward to forging new friendships with our new students and families. I hope this year turns out to be a happy and memorable one for us all.

Profile of Nushkiya Cader

Hello, My name is Nushkiya Cader, Nushy for short. This is my third year at OSC, and my first year as a grade 5 assistant teacher. I am thrilled and looking forward to new learning experiences and a whole lot of fun. I have studied in Sri Lanka during my elementary school years.  I  completed my high school education living in Toronto, Canada for four years. I pursued higher education options majoring in education and psychology  at the Gateway Graduate school and the Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology. I enjoy teaching, dancing,relaxing  and reading magazines.

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