A warm welcome to Grade 4!


Our names are Stella Damir and Tassy Dahlan and we will be the class teachers for this academic year.  Together with our Assistant Teacher, Vanessa Benedict, we are sure everyone will enjoy their year in Grade 4.


Profile of Stella Damir:

This is my 13th year at OSC and I am looking forward to teaching and learning with Grade 4.  Prior to OSC, I have worked as an Advisory Teacher in Hong Kong, Utahloy International School in China and various schools in Australia.

Profile of Tassy Dahlan:

Hi! My name is Tassy Dahlan. I warmly welcome you and your child to Grade 4. I hail from Colombo, Sri Lanka but have lived the major part of my life overseas. This is my tenth year working at OSC. I am a Primary trained teacher who, after 20 years of living in Africa, relocated to Sri Lanka in 2009. I am passionate about travelling to and exploring different destinations, learning about various cultures and traditions and helping others in any small way. I am enjoying living back here with my family and friends. I am the mother of two wonderful sons and have the cutest grandson, ever!

Profile of Vanessa Benedict:

Hey I am the Assistant teacher for Grade 4. I have lived in Sri Lanka all my life. I am going on my fourth year here at OSC, but this is my first year with fourth graders and I am really looking forward to it.


The Homework Diary is used as an avenue for home-school communication. When notes are written please make sure your child knows he/she has to share it with the teachers.   Students will also use the diary to write down their homework and for self-management purposes.

Contact Details:

Tassy Dahlan 4TD

Stella Damir 4SD

Teacher Assistant: Vanessa Benedict

Specialist Information:

  • French – Ms. Karine Emeriau
  • Sinhala – Ms. Dilini
  • PE – Ms. Kelly
  • Swimming – Ms. Sue
  • PA – Miss Williams
  • Library – Ms. Sureshnie and Ms. Shayamie
  • Art – Mrs. Illeperuma


Homework is generally assigned on a Monday and due Friday. Please refer to your child’s Homework Diary and class website for weekly updates.


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Timetable Template 4T

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