Welcome to Grade 3! We are enjoying getting to know your children!

From left to right: Nifla Nuhman and Geraldine Rasiah (3R), Scott Hawkins and Paaramee Gurusinghe (3H)


The grade 3 team would like to welcome parents, students and other interested parties to our site. We look forward to being partners in education with you. Throughout the year we will update this site with informative posts that will describe the learning taking place in our classrooms in addition to essential information about upcoming school events. If you are a grade 3 parent we encourage you to regularly access the site in order to keep abreast of all that your child is involved with.


We believe open communication is the key to forming good learning partnerships and will endeavor to keep you informed, not only of your child’s progress throughout the year, but also of significant learning events that are happening within the grade. Similarly, we encourage you to keep in touch regularly. Probably one of the most convenient ways of facilitating the communication process is via email. Our email addresses are [email protected] and [email protected] and we will make an effort to reply to your emails the same day. Furthermore, your child’s Homework diary is another way for you to send messages to us. Once again, we will endeavor to reply on the same day.

Units of Inquiry:

We have six transdisciplinary units that we will be studying throughout the year. Please see the subpages on the right to learn more about each unit. This is the order of our units this year:

  1. Who We Are
  2. Where We Are in Place and Time
  3. How We Organise Ourselves
  4. Sharing The Planet
  5. How We Express Ourselves
  6. How The World Works

Both language and mathematical development will play a central role in all inquiry based teaching throughout the year. Where possible, the teaching of language and maths shall be integrated into the units of inquiry. In seeking to encompass all the teaching of the necessary skills for this age range, some lessons will be taught as stand alone. Students will receive regular homework assignments in Maths, Language and Unit of Inquiry.


In Grade 3 we believe (like all class work) homework should be purposeful and directly related to the learning in the classroom. Homework will be given on Mondays and will be due on Fridays. The assignments will be kept flexible according to the diverse needs of individuals and the nature and demands of classroom learning. Reading, spelling and maths will also be set on a regular basis.

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