The purpose of the OSC dress code is to ensure our students are dressed modestly, in a manner that promotes a healthy work environment, respectful of the various cultures we represent, and in a way that does not distract from teaching and learning.

We ask that students wear clothing that

  • is comfortable
  • is not immodest or revealing
  • does not display rude words or disrespectful messages or symbols
  • shirts must cover the shoulders – tank tops or sundresses are not permitted (both primary and secondary)
  • underwear must not be visible, either bra straps or underpants
  • clothing should be whole – torn holes in clothing are not permitted
  • shoes or sandals are permitted;  rubber flip flops should not be worn
  • shorts or skirts should be as long as the tips of fingers (both primary and secondary)
  • primary children must wear hats when playing outdoors

Dress code will be in force any time the student is on campus for an activity, including weekends, and for all school field trips.