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Welcome to the Primary Library website!

The Primary Library is the Learning Resource Center for grades PreK to Grade 5. It is a hub for learning, empowering the 21st century learner with a set of skills required to be a lifelong learner, discriminating users, and skilled creators of information. Our information literacy program, and literature programs not only develop a deep sense of love for reading, but also international mindedness by exploring various cultural themes and aspects that promote the IB learner profile.

How do we achieve our goals?

Collection development:

  • High quality, accurate and current information in a wide variety of formats is made available for students, for research and recreational reading. The collections are accessible to the OSC community through the online catalog.  The library catalog also acts as an information portal to access library collections in different formats i.e. print and non-print media.

Information Literacy Program:

  • Librarians regularly collaborate with teachers to ensure that units of inquiry taught in class are supported with learning resources, and make sure students have the necessary skills to access them.

Fostering a Love of Reading

  • Library collection represent a variety of literature in different formats. It also represent literature from different cultures, view points and experiences.  Students are often read to or at other times opportunities are provided to share their reading with one another.
  • Library promotes reading through various themes that make reading a fun experience for the different age levels and diverse reading interests.

International Mindedness

  • The collection development is done with the aim to represent the national diversity of the school’s population, their experiences, opinions and cultural perspectives.
  • There is an ongoing commitment to developing our mother tongue literature collections.
  • Parents are offered opportunities to read in their Mother Tongue or contribute their cultural passions with students.
  • Cultural celebrations and other events are opportunities to promote the IB learner profile.

 Our strengths:

Skilled and Supportive Library Team

Sureshnie Dissanayake – Primary Librarian

Shyamie Jayawardena – Teacher Librarian

Our Learning Spaces

Our learning spaces and furniture are designed to create a collaborative learning environment conducive to activities that develop, embrace and challenge different types of learning and a variety of activities.


All learning engagements for our students are planned with high expectations to achieve positive learning experiences in consultation with the school’s administration, the teachers and the support of the parent community.

Library is open from 7.15 – 3.30 pm except on Wednesdays when we close at 1.30pm.

Contact us
Sureshnie Dissanayake – Primary School Librarian
Shyamie Jayawardena –  Teacher Librarian