Middle Years Programme Coordinator:
Clover Hicks – [email protected]

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) is an international curriculum framework designed to meet the educational requirements of students in Grades 6-10 (11-16 years of age). This holistic program-fosters internationalism, interculturalism, and skills for life-long learning within a framework of interrelated disciplines. The IB MYP is part of the IB continuum at the OSC, linking with the Primary Years Programme and the Diploma Programme.

The IB MYP is a student-centered programme designed for students to learn through a constructivist approach. Through inquiry, action, and reflection students apply subject content to make sense of the world outside of the classroom. This process leads to independent learners who can identify and address real-life issues.

  • Language and Literature: English Literature
  • Language Acquisition: French, Spanish, Sinhala, and Mandarin
  • Individuals and Societies: Economics, Geography, History
  • Mathematics: Integrated study of Number, Algebra, Geometry/Trigonometry, and Probability/Statistics
  • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics
  • Arts: Music, Drama, Visual
  • Physical and Health Education: Fitness and Sportsmanship
  • Design: Digital and Product

Global Contexts

Learning in the IB MYP is through the Global Contexts which help connect learning in the classroom to the world that students have experienced. The Global Contexts help students to answer the question “why are we learning this?” and apply their learning beyond academia. The six global contexts are as follows:

Identities and Relationships

Through this context, students explore their personal identity, relationship with friends or family and their role in their community or culture. This context explores:

  • Personal beliefs and values
  • Personal health including physical, mental, social or spiritual aspects
  • Interpersonal relationships

Orientation in Space and Time

This context explores key events in personal or human history which include:

  • Personal or family histories
  • Key events in human history such as discoveries, explorations and migrations
  • The interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations from personal, local and/or global perspectives

Personal and Cultural Expression

Through Personal and Cultural Expression students will focus on:

  • Ways in which people discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values
  • Ways in which people reflect on, extend and enjoy creativity
  • Appreciation of the aesthetic

Scientific and Technical Innovation

Science and technology are tools through which to interact with the natural world and community. This Global Context relates to:

  • Natural world and its laws
  • The interaction between humans and the natural world
  • Scientific principles
  • Impact of science and technology on the environment and communities
  • Human manipulation of environments

Globalization and Sustainability

The connection between local actions and global impact is the lens through which this Global Context is explored. This context also relates to:

  • Interconnectedness of human systems and communities
  • Opportunities and tensions arising from internationalism and interculturalism
  • Impact of decisions on the global community and environment

Fairness and Development

Fairness and Development focuses on rights and responsibilities of individuals within a community. Also related to this context are:

  • Distribution of finite resources with other communities and living things
  • Equality
  • Peace and conflict resolution
  • Relationships between communities


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