Summary of IBDP Results, OSC 2019 Including Comparisons with OSC 2018 and World Averages 2018

The Overseas School of Colombo has continuously offered the two year IB Diploma Programme since 1983. All students at OSC are enrolled as IB Diploma Programme candidates and take IB examinations. The following IB World data is from data published in The IB Diploma Programme Statistical Bulletin, May 2017 Examination Session found on the IBO public website at The OSC IB Examination results are from a combination of data supplied by the IBO and calculated internally.

Registered IB Candidates1 IB Worldwide May 2018 OSC May 2018 OSC May 2019
Number of IB Diploma Programme examination candidates 163,173 29 19
Number of students attempting the IB
82,810 26 19
Percentage of students attempting the full IB
51% 90% 100%
Award of the IB Diploma
Number of IB Diplomas awarded 65,974 23 18
IB Diploma pass rate 78.2% 88% 95%
Bilingual IB Diploma
Number of IB Bilingual Diploma earners 14,989 4 7
Percentage of IB Bilingual Diplomas earners 22.7% 17% 39%
The Distribution of IB Points2
IB Diploma earners with 30 points and above 67% 57% 83%
IB Diploma earners with 36 points and above 27% 17% 28%
Mean IB Diploma Points 29.8 31.0 34.0
Mean IB Grade (7 highest)
Mean grade for IB Diploma earners 4.7 4.9 5.3
Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge
Students earning Extended Essay results of A 11.5% 18% 26%
Students earning Extended Essay results of B or higher 34% 47% 58%
Students earning Theory of Knowledge results of A 7% 11% 11%
Students earning Theory of Knowledge results of B or higher 36% 54% 53%


  1. All students at OSC begin the programme as an IB Diploma Programme Courses Candidate. As the year progresses, they may choose to add higher level courses and make the decision to pursue the full IB Diploma. Completion of the OSC graduation requirements will allow students to earn the US high school OSC Diploma. In addition, if a student meets the requirements of the IB Diploma, they will also receive this qualification. A student may pursue individual IB courses in lieu of the full IB Diploma if this better suits their college preparation requirements or is a more suitable challenge. An IB Diploma courses candidate who does not pass the requirements for the IB Diploma will receive a certificate of results for their examinations. A candidate who meets all of the requirements for the IB Diploma receives the IB Diploma as well as a certificate of their results.
  2. 30 IB points equivalent to an average IB grade of 5 (Good), is the world average. Not all, but many North American universities give university course credit for grades of 5 or better, especially at the Higher Level. 36 IB points are equivalent to an average IB grade of 6 (Very Good). Many North American Universities give a full year of university credit at considerable financial savings. A number of our graduates have jumped directly into the second year of university in Canada or the US leading to a considerable saving in university costs or the completion of a second degree or major in the fourth year. Most top universities in the UK and Australia give admissions offers to students earning between 30 and 38 points depending on the area of study. Around 20% of IB candidates around the world achieve 36 IB points or greater (equivalent to AAA or AAB at ‘A’ Level). Approximately 8% of IB candidates earn 40 points or better and only about 0.3% earn the maximum of 45 points.

Comment on average points earned:

The average points earned by candidates at OSC is normally several points above the world average. As a non-selective school, we are proud to have helped students reach their potential, whether it be a 25-point bilingual diploma or a 41-point regular diploma.

Comment on Bilingual Diploma Candidates:

This year, 8 students attempted the IB Bilingual Diploma and 7 were successful. The class of 2020 has 2 students (11% of the class of 2020) attempting the IB Bilingual Diploma. As a school offering no other classroom-taught Language A course, we will rarely exceed the world average for Bilingual Diploma earners.