The Primary School is supported by one full-time English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher. This support is for students who are not proficient in English, in order to help them take full advantage of OSC’s curriculum and the social environment. This support is available for students from Grades 1-5. For those in Pre-school and Kindergarten, we believe that at these early stages of language development, immersion is best for the learner.

Students from Grades 2-5 attend EAL lessons in lieu of French, and can receive additional EAL lessons and in-class support according to their needs.

Student progress within the EAL programme is regularly checked by the EAL teachers, classroom teachers and the Primary Principal.

Entering the EAL Programme
Before a new student arrives, parents should complete the Language Profile section of the OSC Application Form. Students who are not proficient in English will be assessed by the EAL teacher prior to joining the school or on arrival; they will be tested on the four components of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Exiting the EAL Programme

EAL students will be given a final assessment by the EAL teacher. The EAL teacher, with the help of the classroom teacher, will decide if the student is ready to leave the programme. Ideally, EAL students will exit the programme at the end of a semester.