OSC is an outstanding school which has served families of many nationalities for more than 60 years. Hundreds of students have gone through our doors and are now a large group of valued alumni all around the world. We know that an alumni association constitutes the school’s largest and most permanent constituency. It is the guardian of the heritage of the institution. The association holds primary responsibilities for building strong relationships with alumni; relationships that are necessary to the long-term health and success of OSC.

Studying in a foreign country leaves an important imprint on young people’s mind, more than knowledge or values alone ever will. It enables young people to feel and understand what it means to be citizens of the world. Thus, creating a strong and broad-based network of people from similar backgrounds who will have this experience in common is so important, even though they live all over the world. With the continuing involvement of our alumni, we look to the future with the goal of honouring our history, while maintaining contact with those who have been here, and continuing to attract the best faculty and students.

We welcome you back to our school family and invite you to share your experience at OSC with current and future students. We also want to know what you are doing now, news of your family, and other events in your life. Thank you for being an important component of our success for these 63 years!