Grade 1 Beginnings

Welcome to our Grade 1 Blog! We hope that this will bring you updates to connect home and school. Our intention is to open a window with which to view your child’s day or week and initiate some conversations at home. Your child might need clarity or the ability to make new connections in their home language. We will always send you a link via email so you are aware when an update has been made.

So far…

It has been a pleasure to connect with your children for the past few weeks. Regardless of if they are new to OSC or not, they have all coped admirably with the transition to Grade 1.

Together, all children shared with us their ideas on what we should TRY to do and be for a successful learning environment. This is what we decided as a team…

  • Be mindful about noise for others
  • Move carefully
  • Play together and notice others’ feelings
  • Actively listen using our whole bodies
  • Use kind words
  • Respect our belongings

New Unit of Inquiry

The grade also worked on reforming the central idea for our Unit of Inquiry to ensure student understanding and voice at this early stage. We ‘unpacked’ the central idea and discussed the meaning of each word; ACTIONS, CHOICES, SHAPE, COMMUNITIES. The children translated this as “Things we DO and decisions we make change how we work together”. We will now take this further by looking at different types of communities and how these are interrelated. We will do this with the use of maps and connecting to bigger organisations such as the United Nations. We enjoyed the book ‘Zoom’ to get some perspective! We zoomed out further and further and noticed ‘where’ the book was set. The fact that this book is wordless played a bit part in the children’s focus. Take a look at home.

Actions and Choices at home

To ensure that we are using the same language, please know that we are encouraging the children to reflect on their own actions. They are then trying to link a consequence to an action. For example, I pack my own bag each night = action. I am ready for school and I am independent = consequence. Try to incorporate this into your home routines wherever authentically possible to deepen their understanding. Some good literature that links this concept includes:


In the next week or two you will notice your child bringing home ‘just right’ books to read. We will be using this language to ensure the children have chosen a book that they are able to read independently for the most part. They might have already done the following:

  • Read the title
  • Taken a picture walk
  • Told the story in their own words
  • Made predictions
  • Read out loud to a teacher
  • Used the 5 finger test (ask your child to explain this)
  • Retold the story
  • Shared their feelings about the story

Please know that you can always read TO your child, your child can read to you and you can keep your book for more than one night. This experience should be enjoyable! Please also read in your home languages.


Watch this space for photos and videos of maths in action!