A thank you note…

We would like to congratulate and thank every single student who was a risk taker and put themselves forward to be a part of the main cast this year. We really enjoyed watching everyone sing and dance and show us their performance skills. You have all grown so much over the past year as I see students with more confidence and enthusiasm as ever before. It was also a pleasure to meet some talented new friends!

We would also like to thank all parents for your support nurturing your children to take the chance at something a little extra. We wouldn’t have the same amount of passion without your encouragement. 

Our small cast was released this morning. We were happy to see happy faces and sad to see sad faces.. Many things were considered upon matching each character with a suitable candidate. Decisions were made upon students’ abilities, enthusiasm, resilience, reliability and also attendance. Please know that every student has a special part in the production whether it is main cast or an integral part as class cast, and everyone should feel proud of their efforts! Remember, it takes every single one of us together to be able to tell the story of The Little Mermaid the way we want to.

We are really looking forward to working with the main cast during Production ASA’s and class casts during PA lessons. It is going to be a great experience for all!

Many thanks to everyone from the Production team 😊