Audition Material

Hi there friends!

Thanks for everyone who has signed up for auditions so far. I will leave the sheet up most of next week until I collate an audition timetable for AUDITIONS TO TAKE PLACE THE FOLLOWING WEEK STARTING MONDAY AUGUST 20TH.

Auditions will be scheduled during second lunch break. I will timetable everyone and send to classroom teachers to alert students of their audition day and time. Auditions are held in my room, please come ready to shine!

In the audition I will only ask you to sing and dance the section of “Under the Sea” which I have been teaching you during PA class. Below you will find OPTIONAL script for all characters if you really have a particular character in mind. For example some characters may have accents like Grimsby (Old English), Sebastian (Jamaican) or Chef Louis (French) you could play around with..

PLEASE NOTE the main cast this year is VERY SMALL. I am looking for the most enthusiastic and reliable students to fill these limited roles. Apologies in advance to the many talented students who will not get a main cast place. Do not worry – class casts are going to be just as big and as fun!!!

Please click here to listen to the song “Under the Sea” it is the first chorus only I have taught you the moves for in class for the audition.

Please keep scrolling for character lines…


Prince Eric

Did you ever try to take a princess sailing? It’s a joke! Their dresses get caught in the rigging. And most of ‘em can’t even swim-


I swore an oath to your dear father on his death bed that I’d turn you from a roustabout into a royal and have you married to a princess-


Presenting the Court Composer… Horatio Thelonius Ignatius Crustaceous Sebastian!

King Triton

Ariel, I miss your mother just as much as you do. But I am still the King. And you are not to go to the surface ever again. Am I clear?!?


Ariel, listen to me… The human world… it’s a mess.

Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there!

Mersisters (any)

She sure is acting fishy lately! Swimmin’ in circles! Chasing her tail! That girl is up to her gills in something!


Just look, Flounder! The sun, the sand… isn’t it the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?


A guppy?!? I’m as brave as you are! I’m not afraid of anything-


Well, look who got beached! Hiya, Ariel! Wait – there’s something different about’cha. Don’t tell me – it’s your hairdo, right? You’ve been using the dinglehopper!


My dear, sweet child – it’s what I live for: to help unfortunate merfolk like yourself. Poor souls with no one else to turn to…

Floatsam & Jetsam

Oh, Mistress of the Deep! You’re a visitor… Now, now, mustn’t get cold fins!


Imagine, washing up like that on the beach. Must’ve been a horrible shipwreck! I don’t suppose we’ll ever know the truth.

Chef Louis

Attention. Attention! Le menu pour ce soir: escargot, lobster bisque, tuna tartare, holy mackerel. Maintenant!