Primary 1:1 Technology Program

Grade 5  students will be required to bring their own laptops to school to be used within the classroom. The technology dept will install the necessary software required for educational purposes and grant access to the school’s network.

In grades PYP 1 (Preschool) to PYP 7 (Grade 4), students will be issued school-owned technology devices to be used within the classroom. Students are not required to bring any additional forms of technology during the primary years of study.

Within the primary years, the technology program’s goal is to introduce a wide variety of technology devices and operating systems for students to develop a strong foundational understanding of how the technology works within an educational system. Students will be trained on various applications to help accomplish this goal and use online databases and search engines.

BYOL Program

From Grade 5 onwards, students must bring their own laptop that meets the specification requirements as mentioned here. The goal of the BYOL Program for Grade 5 is to help give students a mastery level of many different applications and online tools to help students research and create reports and dynamic presentations. This knowledge will help better prepare students for the secondary school educational program and teach them a sense of responsibility and digital citizenship.

iPad Air Program

In grades PYP 1 to PYP 3 (Kindergarten), students will be issued an iPad Air as part of their daily activities. The iPads are stored within the classroom and are an integral part of various lessons and units. Students will heavily focus on using iPads to help build motor skills and become familiar with how applications work in a modern technology environment.

Chromebook Program

In grades PYP 4 (Grade 1) to PYP 7 (Grade 4 students will continue their knowledge of technology through the introduction of Chromebooks. These devices will continue to build off of the foundational knowledge that the iPad program introduced. Students will be introduced to cloud-based applications, storage, and a larger selection of Internet tools that can be used for daily learning. The Chromebooks are stored within the classroom; however, students may bring these devices when requested to additional classes such as languages or arts.