Welcome to Kindergarten!

Vision Statement : the Overseas School of Colombo shall be a model of excellence in education, nurturing and empowering our community of learners to achieve global success.

Mission Statement : The Overseas School of Colombo, an IB World School, is committed to guiding our global community toward international and intercultural understanding. OSC develops the whole person as a responsible learner, striving fro personal excellence within a cultural diverse environment.

KG Team

Mrs. Melissa Harford, Mrs. Deborah George, Mrs. Shehara Weerasinghe and Mrs.Tanuja Senanayake



My name is Melissa Harford and this is my first year at OSC in a teaching capacity.   After graduating from the University of Melbourne I have taught in a variety of capacities in Australia. I am currently studying my Master in Education. I have three children, two of which are at OSC and one older daughter who is second year university studying osteopathy.

My name is Deborah George and this is my 6th year at OSC as an Assistant Teacher in early primary years programme. This is my second year working in KG. I’ll be working closely with Ms. Melissa Harford.

My name is Shehara Weerasinghe and this is my 5th year in OSC as an Assistant teacher in early primary years programme. This is my second year in Kindergarten. I’ll be working with Ms. Tanuja Senanayake

My name is Tanuja Senanayake and I feel privileged to start off my 18th year at OSC in the Kindergarten class with a wonderful set of students and a supportive team of professionals. I have a son who is studying at OSC in 12th Grade and had the wonderful opportunity to see the smooth transition from Primary Years programme to the Middle Years and then to the IB Programme. He will be graduating this year.

We look forward to a successful year with you and your children. We firmly believe in working in partnership with you to make your children’s learning a meaningful experience.

Contact details:

Tanuja Senanayake               tsenanayake@osc.lk

Melissa Harford                      mharford@osc.lk

OSC Office contact numbers   94 11 2784920-2

Schedule of the day:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – 7:20 am to 1:30 pm

Afterschool activities will run from  1:45 – 2:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

EVERY Wednesday The whole school finishes at 1:30 pm (There will be NO extra curricular activities or after care facilities offered on a Wednesday)

Please ensure you pick up your child at the designated times; as the teachers/    assistants attend meetings and workshops in the afternoons.


KGH Timetable KGS Timetable


We use communication books to communicate and contact you. Please check everyday.  This website will also be updated regularly. Please refer to this weekly. Each student has a message book.  A newsletter will be emailed every Friday. Please refer to that and the calendar to find out about upcoming events.

We would appreciate if we are informed of any special events that occur in your child’s life which may impact their routine. (eg: Parents leaving the country, grandparents/ family friends visiting, accidents or demise within the family etc.)

Parental Involvement:

As parents, you will be given many opportunities to become actively involved in your child’s learning.  OSC aims to provide opportunities to create a valuable partnership between parents/ carers and ourselves.

We welcome parents to share their knowledge, experiences, special skills and talents with the class, if these are linked to the Units of Inquiry covered in Kindergarten.

Each class will have two support parents. The role of the support parent is to assist the teacher with school and class events. The Primary Principal will be meeting with ALL primary support parents early in the year.  Thereafter, the homeroom teachers will meet the class support parents.