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Order Cialis Soft 20 mg generic 2M  buy Cialis Soft 20 mg France Zulfica Marikar:  

My name is Zulfica ( LULU) Marikar and I will be your child’s teacher for this academic year. I have been doing what I love, teaching, for 26 years at OSC. I’ve taught 2nd Grade for the past four years, and prior to that taught in all of the lower primary grades both here in Sri Lanka and in the United States of America.

I am looking forward to teaching and learning with Grade 2. It’s my goal to see each child reach his or her fullest potential. When I am not teaching, learning new ideas or keeping abreast of new research in the field of primary education, I enjoy spending time in community service activities.

My teaching Assistant is Vanessa Benedict and this is her second year at  OSC and grade 2.

Thank you!

Purchase generic Cialis Soft 2C: Jessyca Canizales: 

I am Jessyca Canizales, and I am your child’s second grade teacher! This year, we are very lucky to have Ms. Shahareen Fahim will be working with us!

I am a parent to two precious daughters, one in  grade 5 and another starting PS1  here at OSC.  My husband is also an educator, here in the MYP.   I am originally from Washington DC, USA.  I have taught for 15 years in the USA, Cayman Islands, Mexico and most recently Ecuador.  I have been working with international communities for over a decade and hold certifications in literacy, special education, technology, science, outdoor education and kids yoga.

I am excited and honored to be in my second year at OSC! I’m absolutely in LOVE with Sri Lanka-especially this gem of a school and the community.  I am  BIG  fan of grade 2, and am very grateful for this opportunity to work with your child.  Thank you for your support and for your trust and communication along the way!

  Order Cialis Soft Over The Counter General Information generic Cialis Soft 20 mg Buy online Morning Routines Each morning (except for Wednesday) at 7:25 children will line up in grade levels on the basketball court outside the office for morning assembly and announcements with Mr. Grandbois. Please ensure that your child is in school by 7.30 am the latest. Children miss important information and circle time discussions when they come in late.

Buy online Cialis Soft 20 mg Wednesday- short school day School finishes at 1.30 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Buy generic Cialis Soft 20 mg Pickup Please help us to keep our school a safe environment. We ask that you notify us of the people that will be dropping off and picking up your children, and any changes to your arrangements. Parents have to inform the class teacher if alternate transport arrangements are made. If you regularly car pool or have parents picking up your child, keep the teachers informed of this arrangement as well.

buy Cialis Soft 20 mg no prescription Homework and Communication Your child will bring home daily a home-school communication book. This needs to be in your child’s folder at all times as we place useful information in this diary.

It is also a means of communication for both teachers and parents. Children write little notes or reminders every day, including the name of their home reader. When you get the book do not forget to fill in the parent information page and periodically update your contact information if they are changed.

At the back of the communication book, your child’s login passwords for IXL / RAZ kids etc will be written. This will be useful when they need to login to these programs when assigned homework.

Please check your child’s folder and sign your child’s communication book every day.

Communication is important. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher when you have a question, comment, or concern. Emails or a written note on the Communications Book is the best mode.  If the concern/ question is regarding another teacher, we advise you to first contact/ email the teacher directly with questions or clarifications before it is directed to the class teacher.

buy Cialis Soft Italy Reading Expectations All students are expected to read an average of 15-20 minutes Monday through Friday. A book for this purpose is sent home daily chosen either by the teacher or child. After your child has read the book, ask him to retell the story and discuss major events of the book with your child. Make this time a happy and enjoyable time.  During the second semester as the books get longer, there is no need to rush to finish the book, the important thing is to understand and comprehend what your child has been reading. Even when the book is not finished, we like you to keep the book in the folder and note every day the number of pages your child has read.

Spelling/Word Sorts Students will be given a few words on Monday to be learnt for following Friday.

Maths Weekly IXL letter/skill based practice.

Students have a long day at school. Many of them will remain in school for an after-school activity up until 3:30. Therefore homework will be minimal and purposeful as we believe that students need time for play and recreation.

Indoor/Outdoor Shoes Students will leave their shoes on a rack outside the classroom for the purpose of keeping the floor and carpet clean. Your child is welcome to bring in indoor shoes to be left in class.

Classroom temperature Different students have different tolerance levels and sometimes the A/C could be too cold for your child. Students are advised to bring in a light sweater that could be in their cubby to be used when needed.

Chrome books Students need to bring in ear phones and a mouse to use their chrome books. This will be kept in their cubby in class and returned at the end of each semester. Please label them. We also advice you not to send in expensive and fancy earphones as they may be a distraction at times to your child. 

Snack/Lunch/ Water Students are advised to bring in healthy snacks and lunch. In the event they are buying from the canteen, please advise your child what he or she should be buying by checking the canteen menu that is published every Friday in the school newsletter. Canteen cards can be kept with Rukshan the canteen manager for safe keeping. In the event your child has the card in his bag, please write your child’s name and periodically check what s/he has been buying.  Please feel free to have your child bring a water bottle to class. I prefer the reusable, aluminum water bottles with tight fitting lids (fewer spills). Please encourage your child to bring their water bottle home regularly to wash it.