Welcome to the Visual Arts (VA) in the PYP. 

I am Devika Ilayperuma- Florrimell, the Visual Arts teacher from KG to Gr.5. I am a Sri Lankan and this is my 15th year as the Primary Visual Arts teacher at OSC. Prior to this I was a Primary homeroom teacher at OSC for 18 years. I began my teaching career in Zambia before I joined OSC. I am passionate about teaching and enjoy the creativity and imagination in young students. During my free time I love to sketch and paint. I also enjoy playing the piano and singing.


Hello everyone, I am Keshiya Bogahalanda and I am the Visual Arts assistant teacher for primary and secondary. I am an Associate Graduate in Psychology and hold the Diploma in Early childhood and Sub primary education. I enjoy music, art and deeply interested in wild life photography.

Arts are integral to the PYP. Through Visual Arts we expect to develop the imagination and creativity of the child through inquiry, experimentation and self-expression. The students will be exposed to the theoretical and practical aspects of art and design. They are encouraged to think and communicate their thoughts in new ways, and through a variety of media and techniques.

The students are given opportunities to study and appreciate a range of artworks to develop an understanding of the principles of art and design in the world around them.

Through these they will begin to understand the role that Visual Arts play in society and diverse cultures.

KG has one VA period per week.

Gr.1 – Gr.5 have two VA periods per week.

The art room is located above the PMPR. You are welcome to drop in and look around.