Buy cheap Cialis Soft Primary School Physical Education/Swimming Information for Parents

Welcome to OSC and the 2016-2017 school year!  cheap Cialis Soft 20 mg USA Kelly Fenton is the Physical Education teacher for Preschool to grade 4 cheap Cialis Soft 20 mg Europe .  buy Cialis Soft USA Sue Turner is the Physical Education teacher for Preschool and grade 5, and the swimming teacher for all grades. Children in Preschool and Kindergarten have one P.E. lesson and one swimming lesson per week. Children in grades 1-5 have two P.E. lessons and one swimming lesson per week. Students will be participating in a wide variety of activities throughout the year. The P.E. department works closely with classroom teachers to integrate the Units of Inquiry whenever possible. During our lessons we focus on the PYP learner profile traits. We expect all students to take risks, cooperate, play fair, care for one another, and reflect on their learning.

It is essential that children come to school prepared for P.E./Swim classes as this will allow them to be successful. Please see the information below for what is expected on P.E./Swim days. In order to maximize our contact time  please send your child to school wearing their P.E. kit.

If your child is unable to participate at any time, please send them with a letter of explanation. We look forward to meeting all of you!

Best Regards,

Kelly Fenton & Sue Turner

Are YOU ready for P.E. and Swimming?

Clothing: Children are expected to wear the NEW OSC P.E. Uniform which is available at the business office. All students are assigned to a House Team and therefore should buy the appropriate colour uniform. Proper sport shoes with velcro or laces are a must for safety and performance. Children must wear socks. Walking sandals are not acceptable.  Please name all P.E. and swimming clothing.

Change of Clothes: Children will change into a clean set of clothes after each P.E. lesson.

Hat: Children must bring a hat to P.E.

Water Bottle: Children MUST bring a full water bottle to all P.E. lessons (no juice please)

Sunscreen: Please apply sunscreen on P.E./swim days before coming to school.

Towel: Children must bring a towel

Swim Suit: Boys – swim shorts or trunks (above the knee)

                   Girls – one piece swim suit (no bikinis)      

                   Rash vests are advisable for sun protection.

Swim Caps: All children must wear the OSC swim cap in their House colour. Please tie long hair back to make it easier to put on the swim cap.

Goggles: Children need to be able to open their eyes under water. If they need goggles for this please ensure that they bring their own. Snorkel masks are not acceptable

A Named Bag: Children should bring their swimming kit and change of clothes for P.E. in a bag. This helps to avoid things being lost.