MMM – March Mac Madness

Here follows our usual update to let you take a sneak peek at our learning. Enjoy!

A Fraction of…

We are learning the meaning of the word ‘fraction’ and using it in many different ways; a fraction of the story, a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the pizza, a fraction of the time. We have not only been physically splitting up items such as clocks and shapes, we have also begun to split amounts to use our calculation skills based on real life problems. Here is a video based on this concept that we will share this week.

Sliced Up

We have also begun to discuss symmetry and how many lines of symmetry are possible depending on the shape. We explored by folding and drawing.

After visiting Ms MJ we furthered our mathematical thinking about 2 and 3D shapes and how to describe using words such as width, length, depth or height, dimensions and as many shape names as possible.

Tuning into our new unit…

During and after watching a weather forecast the class brainstormed as many issues and vocabulary that they noticed. The list was huge! We then highlighted as many different cycles that this included such as water (rain), moon, seasons and so on. We used the Thinking Routine – Think, Puzzle, Explore  and shared our ideas, our questions and the things we would each like to research further.

Start a dinner conversation about the Earth and things that repeat and listen to your child’s wonderings.

On Friday last week we visited Mr O’Sullivan and physically explored the seasons as well as day and night by using a gym ball (the sun!) and our bodies. Ask your child about the person on the end of his/her nose and how the Earth ’tilts’ on an imaginary axis!

Budding Authors!

We are now revisiting narratives but this time expanding our strategies by ‘unfreezing’ our characters and events with detail. Try finding good bedtime stories at home that have words coming to life using different fonts, expressive words like BANG or speech marks when someone is talking, shouting, whispering…. Be explicit about this when you find a good one and share with your child why this has ‘unfrozen’ the story for you in your mind.

A good example for me is this one: