Dear Parents

Please find below the ASA choices available for block 2. Please spend some time with your child discussing what they would like to do.

Once activities are assigned, children are not allowed to change to something else.

The sign-up will be done online as usual but Mr. Fisher is developing a a new system to bring it in line with our ISAMS system.

More information about this will follow next week.

Kind regards



KG: 1.30-2.30PM (Activity time is 1.40-2.30pm)

ACTIVITY LEADER NAME OF ACTIVITY  DAY Brief description of the activity
Ms. ESK Shamalee



Pottery Monday Let’s get creative. Have fun with clay and make some beautiful pottery.
Ms. Irushi Wall Art Monday Let’s get creative with some art you can put on the wall.
Mr. Nimesha &

Mr. Dishwan

Ball Games Monday Come and have fun learning different ball games.
Ms. Stivi Yoga Monday The perfect activity to learn and enjoy the basics of yoga.
Ms. S. Fernando Patchwork Tuesday Enjoy making some beautiful patchwork designs.
Ms. ESK Shamalee Shell/Sand Craft Tuesday Let’s get creative and make some beautiful art with shells.
Mr. Dishwan


Football Tuesday Come and learn the basics of this popular sport.
Ms. Nirmalee Indoor Games Tuesday Come and have fun playing some exciting games with your friends.
Ms. Irushi Origami Tuesday Come have fun learning to fold papers to make different shapes, figures and objects.


Ms. Shehara Jewelry making Tuesday KG friends can have fun making jewelry and it also improves  their eye hand coordination.
Ms. S Fernando Patchwork Thursday Enjoy making some beautiful patchwork designs.



Ms. ESK Shamalee Fabric Painting Thursday Let’s get creative and learn how to make beautiful patterns on fabric.
Mr. Lal Karate Thursday Come and learn the basics of the martial art Karate. No experience necessary.
Ms. Jayawanthi &

Ms. Dulanjali

Oriental Dance Thursday Do you like to dance? Then this is the activity for you!
Mr. Thilak Swimming Thursday Want to learn to swim? Or want to develop your technique over short distances? This activity is the one for you.


Irushi Puppet Making Thursday Let’s get creative and make some fun puppets.