KG learning

Over the last two weeks we have been very busy learners. We have learned about the letters r, m, d, g, o, u, l, f and b. We are learning about the sounds these letters make as well as how to write them. As part of these explorations we have sang songs, read stories, played games and created art works. In addition to this we are learning to track with our fingers and eyes when reading. We are also being word detectives, looking for golden words in our books and we are learning to make sure the starting sounds of words make sense when looking at the pictures. This week we also explored opposites and made a lift the flap page to show our understanding. We are trying hard to write on lines and make our letters a consistent size, this has been a bit tricky but we are certainly making progress. We have also had fun exploring rhyming pairs and even made our own versions of little Miss Muffet! We have looked at how rhyming pairs are often part of word families and have practiced changing the beginning sounds of known words. For example, if we can read and spell ‘and’, we can read and spell sand, hand, band etc.


In Math, we have been practicing counting forwards and backwards to 50. We are also learning about addition and subtraction and can use concrete materials to support our learning to find solutions. We are developing our understanding about the base ten model of our number system and how to use ten frames to support our learning. We have looked at graphs last week and our knowledge of shapes along with the features of shapes. A big focus over the last week has been on positional language, before, after, left of, behind, in front of etc and we have played games and participated in activities which further develop these understandings. Also, over these last two weeks we are working on number formation. Please find the link attached if you would like to see the catchy tune we use.



This week we made rockets for our mid-week challenge and had lots of fun flying them through the sky. We also had MakerSpace today where we learned to take selfies and add voice and background to our pictures – it was fun! In our UOI, we are continuing to focus on building relationships and understanding how our actions impact on others. As part of this unit, as a class we have embraced learning sign language, please ask your learners about this and perhaps they can show you some of the letters of the alphabet, some day to day gestures or even some ways to sign animals.

Children are now communicating in host country language (Sinhalese). Ways of greeting, how a friend is called and how each family members are called in Sinhalese is our main focus for this unit. We also practiced few different ways of expressing feeling. Playing Sri Lankan games, singing songs and reading sinhalese story books are done during host nation lessons.


Next week we will have the chance to perform at our Founder’s Day assembly! We are very much looking forward to sharing our performance with our community. Children are encouraged to wear blue and white on this day.


Lastly, if you are having difficulty accessing IXL or RAZ-Kids there is a link on our home page through OSC hotlinks.