KG learning


This week we have been reinforcing the first ten sounds learned. In addition, we are working on developing our automatic recall of the words, here, come, we, the, said, see, a and I. As you would have noticed we are sending readers home this week, thank you all for your support with these it is very much appreciated. Our writers are busy strengthening their pencil grip and forming their letters. They have been sequencing sentences this week during play-based learning and are drawing detailed pictures to support their sentences. Also, this week we have introduced Makaton sign language into our classroom practice as a means of supporting our multisensory learners.


Our mathematicians this week have been busy working on number formation and making ten. Our children are working on counting to 30 (for some beyond) and are beginning to understand the base ten number system.  We have also been learning about graphing as a form of information. We have made graphs and are developing our understanding of drawing accurate information from these.