First Day in KG

Wow what a wonderful first week we have had!
Our superstars have been busy making friends and exploring our new classrooms. The emphasis this week has been on making our learners feel comfortable, welcome and relaxed in our learning spaces.

Our first Unit of Inquiry is Who we Are, with our central idea being:

People’s relationships with each other can have an impact on well-being.

This unit will explore our responsibilities as learners, friends, family members and people within our community. We will discuss impact in relation to how our head, heart and tummy’s feel when we encounter happy and/or sad situations occur. We will also focus on the learner profiles of caring, reflection, communication and being principled.

Thursday and Friday saw the introduction to the letter names and sounds of Ss & Aa. We have
engaged in multisensory activities which have created a foundation for our students learning in
regard to these sounds whilst also focusing on the development of fine motor skills.

Thanks for a great start to the year and please remember to send along a hat for your learner.
Have a super weekend,
The KG Team