Talent Show – Running Order

Dear all,

Please find below the running order for the Talent Show this Thursday!!!

Performers are to sit with their classes in the audience. They will make their way ‘backstage’ two acts before theirs (eg. act 3 will approach ‘backstage’ at the end of act 1).

Please view my previous post for more information 🙂

No Name(s) Class Type Song
1 The OSC Junior Ballerinas Mixed Ballet A Spring Dance
2 Yannis 1I Piano Improvisation
3 Amelie 1K Violin Minuet No. 2 by J.S. Bach
4 Minelli 1I Singing Fallin’
5 Dana 2M Melodica El Condor Pasa
6 Murad and Nathan 2G Duet Piano Guitar El Condo Pasa
7 Maryam 2G Singing How Far I’ll Go
8 Dhiren 1K Dancing Kandyan Dance
9 Alya and mum 3H Guitar Sweet Child of Mine
10 Theo, Sultan and Jacob 2G Dancing PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen)
11 Millan 3H Singing Attention
12 Lilliana 2M Gymnastics Jump in the Line
13 Sam, Arya, Daniel and Ryan 2M Jokes & Riddles Comedy Show
14 Emma and Anna 3H Duet


15 Kalyani 1I Ballet Claire De Lune
16 Joshua 3R Piano My Grandfather’s Clock
17 Leona and Joanna 3H Singing & Dancing Me Too
18 Saskia, Rupasha, Malaika and Anneli 4 Piano




These Are a Few of my Favourite Things
19 Sam 4N Poem The Naming of Cats
20 Ryan 4N Singing Dil Diyan Gallan Song
21 Jago 5M Piano You Are My Sunshine
22 Alejandra, July and Kavith 3R Guitar Trio Lava
23 Kallie, Scarlett and Charlotte 3R Singing & Dancing Havana
24 Yewon 4D Piano Mozart K.545 #1
25 Aireen 4N Singing Photograph
26 Mehek 4D Poem Changing Moods
27 Mali 5D Piano Nil Ahas Thale
28 Eve and Julia 4N/D Gymnastics Rockabye
29 Anisa 4N Singing Someone Like You
30 Vivaan 4D Guitar Romanza
31 Naomi 4N Singing & Dancing Stupid Cupid Song
32 Yuna 5D Piano Chopin Waltz
33 Ellie 4D Singing This Is Me
34 Priya, Luna and Meera 4N/D Dancing That’s My Girl
35 Stephie and Daisy 5 Singing Perfect Duet by Ed Sheeran and Beyonce
36 Julia 5D Piano Merry-Go-Round of Life
37 Zoe and Kiara 5 Singing The Cup Song
38 Akhil and dad 5M Singing Have you Ever Seen the Rain
39 Keenan 5D DJ Mix Up
40 Gecko Dancers Teachers Dance Fusion Dance