Dear Parents

Welcome to Block 3 after school activities for 2017/2018.

Block 2 activities continue next week and Block 3 will run from Monday 12th February to Friday 6th April 2018.

Please find below the activity options open to Primary Students in KG

  • Block 3 activities will begin Monday 12th February and end on Friday 6th April 2018.
  • We have tried to provide both breadth and balance to ensure that there is something for everyone.
  • Activities are not compulsory for Primary School students, but they provide a good opportunity for children to develop their skills in a particular area of interest, as well as a chance to try something new.
  • We are trying to develop an ethos of thoughtful selection and perseverance. Once activities have been assigned children will not be able to change to a different activity. So please spend some time with your child to help them make their choices. The link for signing up is below.
  • The link for the sign-ups will be emailed next week and will also be on the class sites

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards


KG: 1.30-2.30PM (Activity time is 1.40-2.30pm)

NAME OF SUPERVISOR NAME OF ACTIVITY DAY Brief description of the activity
ESK Shamalee



Pottery Monday Let’s get creative. Have fun with clay and make some beautiful pottery.
Ms. Irushi Glass Painting Monday Let’s get creative. Have fun doing some beautiful glass painting
Mr. Dishwan & Mr. Nimesha Ball Games Monday Come and have fun learning different balls games.
Ms. Stivi Yoga Monday The perfect activity to learn and enjoy the basics of yoga.
S Fernando Soft Toy Making Tuesday Let’s get creative! Learn how to sew and make lovely soft toys.
ESK Shamalee Shell/Sand Craft Tuesday Let’s get creative and make some beautiful art with shells.
Ms. Irushi Paper Plate Craft Tuesday Come and learn how to make lovely crafts with paper plates
Mr. Dishwan


Football Tuesday We are looking forward meeting new and old football fanatic girls and boys. No prior experience is needed. Each session will give students the chance to work on their skills and enjoy some fun football matches. Remember, it’s all about fun and working together as a team!!!
Ms. Nirmalee Needle craft


Tuesday A hands-on experience for little minds to develop their patience and creativity skills. An activity which allows students to learn in a fun way and have something to take back with them to show and teach their friends and family the new skills learnt.


S Fernando Jewelry making Thursday Let’s get creative! Learn how to make some beautiful jewelry


ESK Shamalee Flower Making


Thursday Let’s get creative and learn how to make lovely flowers
Ms. Irushi Bracelet Making Thursday Come and make some beautiful bracelets in this fun craft activity.
Mr. Lal Karate Thursday Come and learn the basics of the martial art Karate. No experience necessary.
Ms. Jayawanthi &

Ms. Dulanjali

Oriental Dance Thursday Do you like to dance? Then this is the activity for you!