HW Wk 7 Sept 25 – 29


*REMEMBER to put a title and the date on each HW task*
25 – 29 September
This month’s learner profile attribute is: Principled


  • Read at least 20 minutes and record it on the class reading log.
  • Novel study reading and job preparation in your LA book – Meeting 10 on Tuesday 26/09.
  • Learn spellings and times tables.
  • Novel study share – Think of a creative way to use technology and share your novel study book with the class. Discuss ideas with your group members in class and via email.
  • Dinner discussion: Discuss with your family about any natural material that undergoes changes to become a new product that society uses. Think about how the new product benefits society and impacts the environment. Identify one process to discuss in class tomorrow.
  • Math – Fun with Symmetry – Look at the following flags. How many lines of symmetry does each flag have? (Remember, a line of symmetry cuts a shape into two equal, congruent halves – the same on both sides). Write the name of the country and the number of symmetry lines the flag has.

Eg. Sri Lanka – 0 symmetry lines



  • Read at least 20 minutes and record it on the class reading log.
  • Learn spelling and times tables. Complete spelling activity: 30 second words
  • Math: Draw a 4-quadrant grid numbered from – 6 to 6. (Remember in a set of coordinates, the X axis is listed first.)   A) Mark the following points onto your grid:

Quadrant 1 = ( 5,5; 5,2; 2,2 );            Quadrant 2 = ( -3,2, -5,2; -1,6 );                     Quadrant 3 = ( -4, -4; 0,-4; -2,-1 );           Quadrant 4= ( 6,-1; 2,-1; 4,-6 )

B) Join the dots in each quadrant and name the triangle you have created. Is the triangle equilateral, isosceles, scalene or right-angled?



  • Read at least 20 minutes and record it on the class reading log.
  • Novel study Share – You need to share aspects of your book in a technology presentation next week. Do some planning. Email the other people in your group with your ideas about a product and suitable programme to use. You will be given time to create your product on your laptop, in class.
  • Language Task – Tenses: Different tenses tell us when an action was done.

 Past Tense – walked        Present Tense – walk       Future – will walk

Task:  In your HW book, write these 5 verbs in the past, present or future tense.

Past tense

Eg. carried

Present tense


Future tense

will carry

1.     ran
2.      swim
3.      will break
4.      brings
5.      will sing
  • Math – Draw the x and y axis ranging from -6 to 6. Draw a regular 2D polygon (a closed shape) that touches quadrant 1 and 2. Label all points and list coordinates beside each point. Use the x axis as a line of symmetry and reflect (draw) a congruent, symmetrical mirror image of your shape into quadrants 3 and 4.



  • Read at least 20 minutes and record it on the class reading log.
  • Dinner discussion – Talk to your family about today’s Human Battleships challenge, where Grade 5 challenged Grade 4. What were the Math links to our unit on movement?
  • Reflect on the discussion you had last week on natural materials undergoing changes to become useful products for society. Discuss the changes in the states of matter. Has the natural product gone from liquid to solid? Has a solid now become a liquid? Liquid to gas?
  • Learn spelling and times tables – Complete spelling activity: Synonym/Antonym words (Only with the spelling words that have them.)
  • Math: Draw 4 quadrants numbered from – 6 to 6. Using 3 different colours, shade in a few squares in quadrant 1 (minimum 12). Now reflect this pattern onto quadrant 2, using the Y axis as the line of reflection (symmetry). Lastly, reflect your large design from quadrants 1 and 2 across the X axis as the new line of reflection (symmetry). Draw your pattern into quadrants 3 and 4.

All Homework Due on Friday 29

Other News:

  • Gymnastics assembly in the gym – Wednesday September 27 – all Grade 5 students are participating
  • 3 Way conferences – Tuesday October 3
  • UN Day on Wednesday October 4. Children to wear national dress of their home country. All country groups in Grade 5 to prepare a song/ skit/ dance/ game/presentation/cookery demo, food, etc. to share in class, from their own culture. Parents are welcome to join in the festivities, taste the treats and watch the assembly performances. Early dismissal at 12.15pm
  • Mid-term break from Oct 5 – 15.