Block 2 After school activities

Please find below the activity choices for Block 2.

Block 1 will finish on Wednesday 4th October and Block 2 will start on Monday 30th October.

If your child is in the main cast for Primary Production they will continue to rehearse on their given day. They should choose a new activity though and will join the new activity once the Production is over.

We have tried to provide both breadth and balance to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Activities are not compulsory for Primary School students, but they provide a good opportunity for children to develop their skills in a particular area of interest, as well as a chance to try something new.

We are trying to develop an ethos of thoughtful selection and perseverance. Once activities have been assigned children will not be able to change to a different activity. So please spend some time with your child to help them make their choices.

The link for sign-ups will be sent later in the week.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Grades 1-5: 2.45 – 3.45pm

Wednesday: 1.45-2.45pm

NAME OF SUPERVISOR NAME OF ACTIVITY  GRADES DAY Brief description of the activity
Ms. Vyomi Bertus Home Work Club 3-5 Monday Assistance in completing home work.
Mr. Matteo Dietz Girls Football 4-6 Monday  A combination of training sessions and friendly matches.
Ms. Laura and Ms. Sabrina



Water Polo 3-5 Monday Come cool off in the Pool!  Water polo focuses on teamwork and fun.  Suitable for intermediate to advanced swimmers.
Mr. Thilak



Beginner Swim 1-5 Monday Want to learn to swim? Or want to develop your technique over short distances? This activity is the one for you.


MJ Mora Cross Stitch Club 4-5 Monday Kids will learn to cross stitch and follow a pattern to make a picture out of tiny crosses.  It will also be offered in Secondary School
ESK Shamalee



Pottery 1-5 Monday Let’s get creative. Have fun with clay and make some beautiful pottery.
Emily and Maha (Grade 12) with a teacher supervisor



Gecko Cheer Squad 1-5 Monday This activity, led by two DP1 students Emily and Maha, gives young boys and girls the chance to show off and practice their artistic skills. This includes dancing, cheerleading, painting, and so much more! We plan to make this group of kids into a bunch of talented dancers; and our squad will be the main entertainment at SAISA events and pep rallies, wowing everyone with amazing routines!
Mr. Nimesha Cricket 1-5 Monday Come and have fun learning the skills of cricket.
Mr. Rohan Flute 1-5 Monday Come and learn how to play the flute. No experience necessary.
Ms. Stivi Yoga 1-5 Monday The perfect activity to learn and enjoy the basics of yoga.
Dishwan Basketball 1-3 Monday Come and have fun learning the skills of basketball.
Ms. Inakshi and Ms. Tharushi Fun Cooking 1-3 Monday Learn to make some delicious dishes.
Ms. Shahareen and Ms. Vanessa


Indoor Games 1-3 Monday Come and have fun playing lots of fun indoor board games.


Ms. Gunilla Bengtsson Assembly Hosts 4-5 Tuesdays Planning and acting as MC during our Primary School Assemblies.
Ms. Karine Emériau French club 2-5 Tuesdays Kids will carry out various activities in link with the French culture and language.
Ms. Gamage QUIZ CLUB 1 -3 Tuesdays A fun and energetic team building activity which promotes thinking and learning at the same time.
Ms. Rachel Art Lab 1-3 Tuesday Students will experiment with different art forms using different types of materials.
Ms. S Fernando Soft Toy Making 1-5 Tuesday Let’s get creative! Learn how to sew and make lovely soft toys.
Ms. Nushkiya and Ms. Nifla Zumba  1-5 Tuesdays ‘Dance your way to fitness’ A fun opportunity to exercise and perform energetic Zumba routines.
Ms. ESK Shamalee Shell/Sand Craft 1-5 Tuesday Let’s get creative and make some beautiful art with shells.
Ms. Paaramee & Ms. Sandy


Freestyle dance 3- 5 Tuesday Anyone who likes to explore different dance styles come and join us!
Ms. Melissa Netball 3 – 5 Tuesday Children will learn the skills and rules associated with netball
Mr. Dishwan


Football 1-3 Tuesday We are looking forward meeting new and old football fanatic girls and boys. No prior experience is needed. Each session will give students the chance to work on their skills and enjoy some fun football matches. Remember, it’s all about fun and working together as a team!!!
Ms. Nirmalee



Cross Stitch 1-5 Tuesday Let’s get creative and learn how to make beautiful cross stitch designs.
Mr. Shaki Swim training 5-12 Tuesday A swim training session for advanced swimmers
Mr. Stanley Gecko Swim Club 2-5   This is a swim training activity for competent swimmers who can swim 25m of 3 or 4 strokes.
Ms. S Fernando


Soft Toy Making 1-5 Thursday Let’s get creative! Learn how to sew and make lovely soft toys.
Mr. Scott Hawkins Boys Football 4-5 Thursdays Coaching of Primary Boys football team with regular matches against local schools
Ms. ESK Shamalee Fabric Painting 1-5 Thursday Let’s get creative and learn how to make beautiful patterns on fabric.
Mr. Lal Karate 1-5 Thursday Come and learn the basics of the martial art Karate. No experience necessary.
Mr. Dishwan Basketball 3-5 Thursday Come and have fun learning the skills of basketball.
Ms.Jayawanthi & Ms. Dulanjali Oriental Dance 1-5 Thursday Do you like to dance? Then this is the activity for you!
Mr. Grandbois


Floor Hockey 1-3 Thursday No previous experience needed. Run, shoot, score…let’s play Hockey!
Ms. Damir



Environmental Club 3-5 Thursday Come ready with ideas on how to help protect the environment!


Mr. Hansa (Carrom teacher) Carrom 1-5 Thursday Come and learn how to play this popular, traditional board game
Ms. Dilini De Silva Sinhala Club 2-5 Fridays Sinhala Club is specially designed for the students who wants to learn and explore Sinhala more.
Juan Carlos Lemus Polania Spanish Club 2-5 Fridays Spanish Club is specially designed for Spanish speakers who want to practice using their language skills using different mediums
Mr. Steve Primary Student Government Association K-5 Wednesday Lunch time Two students from each class are elected to represent their class in the Primary Student Government Association for one semester. This Leadership group promotes wellness and care for all students, initiates action for issues brought by the students, supports social development in terms of assisting new students and any students going through a tough time, and continues to support service initiatives of choice each semester. Meeting times are Wednesdays during lunchtime every other week.