Chunk of the Week: September 25-29

osc14Last week 1K worked on the -it chunk.  Instead of brainstorming -it words as a whole group, students got to work with partners to develop a list of words.  The students really demonstrated some deep understandings about word building during this activity.  All of the students were really engaged as they worked together to generate their words.


osc1        osc8       osc24      osc15

Moving forward, students will continue to work together in this way at the beginning of each week to build their word lists.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 10.08.17 AMFor the coming week of September 25-29 we will be working on the -ap chunk.  Since the following week is a short week, we will extend the -ap chunk to that week and then begin a new chunk when we return from the October holiday.