Plural rules

Donkey – donkeys

Chimney – chimneys

Alley – alleys

Boy – boys

Day – days

Journey – journeys

Rule: If there is a vowel before the last letter y, simply add s to make it plural

Sky – skies

Country – countries

Mystery – mysteries

Directory – directories

Melody – melodies

Allergy – allergies

Rule: When a word ends in y, with a consonant before it, take away the y and replace it with ies

Scarf – scarves

Wolf – wolves

Thief – thieves

Loaf – loaves

Knife – knives

Half – halves

Wife – wives

Rule: When a word has fe or f at the end, the f or fe must change to ves.

Dwarf – dwarfs

Chief – chiefs

Roof – roofs

Belief – beliefs

Waif – waifs

Handkerchief – handkerchiefs

Safe – safes

Rule: If a word end in f or fe, sometimes you add only an s.

Echo – echoes

Potato – potatoes

Cargo – cargoes

Tomato – tomatoes

Solo – solos

Piano – pianos

Soprano – sopranos

Cello – cellos

Rule: When a word ends with an o, you add either s or es to make it plural. Musical words end in s








Rule: Some words are ALWAYS plural.


Unusual Plurals: Some words DO NOT follow any rule.

ox – oxen        mouse – mice        goose – geese         sheep – sheep

man – men        woman – women        child – children