Learning the Routines

The students in 1K have been working really hard this week to get to know each other and learn the routines we have in 1K.  One of our routines is Calendar Math, where we spend time learning the features of a calendar and also the concept of recording time in this way.  The students are learning how to do different activities associated with the calendar, and are quickly building independence!

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We have also been developing routines around writing practice.  Students are learning how to get their materials out, keep them organized, and put them back where they found them.  They are also learning about what to do when they don’t know how to spell a word.  In 1K, we want students to develop independence in writing, so we encourage students to try spelling words on their own.  Even if they do not spell it correctly, it is a valuable exercise for them to develop their understanding of how words work.

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We like to save these early writing samples so that the students can compare their work at the end of the school year to see how much they have improved!!