Sharing the planet- Parental support

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Please use all opportunities possible to discuss these concepts with your child.  We also hope to  engage students in hands-on activities involving experiments to answer student-generated questions about plants.

* We would be grateful if you could kindly send in a plant in a pot to be kept in class.  Your child will be taking care of his/hers and observing the growth of the plant.

Please discuss with your child what they are learning in the classroom, share what you know and assist them to identify information sources to help answer their many questions.  If you speak a language other than English in your home please help your child understand the central idea of our unit of inquiry in the child’s first language.  It will only enhance their learning!

As always, we welcome parents who wish to lead an activity or share resources related to the unit.

Finally a big thank you to everyone for your continued support both at school and at home. We are really pleased with the children’s progress and their growth in independence.